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Jed Lund, CPA

Jed Lund, CPA

Executive Planner

How long have you been working in your field?

17 years of experience

What are your areas of focus?

  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Retirement and income planning
  • Tax planning & tax-efficient distribution in retirement
  • Life Insurance & Long Term Care options
  • Estate Preservation

Who is your ideal client and why should they connect with you?

I work with people of all ages. I understand their needs and risks at all stages of life and provide careful and thoughtful planning that will help create financial confidence for their future.

What problems do you consistently solve for your clients?

Retiring is a difficult decision, with both financial and personal considerations. Many times, the financial goals and objectives are met but there are concerns as to “what will we do in retirement?” (The interest and desires can be different between spouses and/or partners). It can also be hard to leave behind your career and relationships. We take a holistic approach to help you plan for both the financial and personal aspects in preparing and enjoying your days in retirement.

Do you plan on retiring? If so, when? How do you feel about it?

I enjoy helping people before and in retirement. Over the years I have built strong relationships with my clients and view many of them as friends. I look forward to visiting with them every time they come to the office. That would make retirement difficult and bittersweet. I also have seven grandkids, the oldest only four years old. It is very important for me to do whatever I can to ensure that they have best opportunities for their future.

What is on the top of your bucket list?

Visit all of the National Parks. And, hopefully, see the MN Gopher Football team play in the Rose Bowl.

Family info:

I have been happily married for 41 years with three adult children. In less than 7 months, I became a grandfather to five grandchildren! Two sets of twins (a boy and girl, in each case) and one more granddaughter!