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Melissa Machlitt, CRPC®, CRPS®

Melissa Machlitt, CRPC®, CRPS®

Executive Vice President, Executive Planner

How long have you been working in your field?

Since graduating from college in 1993.

What are your areas of focus?

  • Investment Management
  • Accumulation
  • Retirement
  • Estate
  • Income Distribution
  • Charitable Giving Planning
  • 401(K) Plans

Do you plan on retiring? If so, when?

Eventually, but I have no idea when. I’ll know when the time is right. I am excited to do all the amazing things I see my clients do…and to utilize all their excellent advice along the way.

Tell me about how you got into you line of work.

I graduated with a degree in marketing, management and economics and distinctly remember saying to someone “all I know is I don’t want to be in the financial industry.” Ha!

I worked at a mutual fund company downtown and was part of group layoff. After two weeks, I was soooo bored that I accepted a part time receptionist position at JRA to keep busy. I’ve been here ever since.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Work hard, be a good person and put others first. Always.

What is on top of your bucket list?

TRAVEL! Machu Picchu is #1

If you could do anything right now, what would you do? Why?

Spend more time with my parents and help them do all the things they’ve wanted to do through the years but have not. They have given me so much and I’d love to return the favor to say “thank you”.

Fun Fact:

We are a sports family! I played soccer, softball and basketball growing up. Soccer and softball in college (D3) My husband Todd, played hockey, baseball and football growing up. Hockey in college (D3). My son, Mitchel, played hockey, baseball and football growing up. Plays hockey in college (D1) My daughter, McKayla, played hockey and soccer growing up. Will play hockey in college (D3).

Family info:

I married my husband, Todd, in 1995. Both of us graduated from Spring Lake Park High School and Augsburg. We have one son, Mitchel (20), one daughter, McKayla (17) and two Pocket Beagles, Texas and Trixie. We currently reside in Maple Grove.